Please follow the steps to complete the reservation.


No deposit is required to complete the booking process and reserve a car. 
Once you complete the booking process, and within 24 hours of the completion, you will receive an email confirming the reservation. The reservation is not confirmed, until the receipt of the confirmation email.
The site does not provide ''live'' availability.

Choose vehicle

STEP 2 of the car booking process. 

Choose the vehicle that better suits your needs.
No credit card is required to book a vehicle.
You can pay with cash upon delivery or any major credit card.

Choose extras

STEP 3 of the car booking process. 
Select one or more of the available extras.



At this point you can review your car rental enquiry with the total price together with the costs. No hidden fees will appear if you decide to complete the procedure and the car is confirmed.
Please complete the personal details form, check the terms and conditions and submit your booking.
Within 24hours of your submission our team will get back to you!!
Please note that the booking is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email. No deposit and no credit card is required to complete the booking process.