All car rentals are subject to the full terms and conditions printed on the rental agreement and provided below.
All car rates include: Full insurance, Collision Damage Waiver with an excess, Unlimited kilometre, Free delivery and collection at any town providing that the rental length is at least 5 days, Maintenance oil and greasing, V.A.T, Local taxes.
Exclude: Fuel, Collision Damage Waiver with ZERO excess,  One way fees, Optional extras.
Driver Requirements: A full valid driving license of 3 years at the time of rental and/or at least 25 years old.
Special Requests: Child seats, Roof racks, Navigation systems and other additional items are available on request.
Cars: Cars on display in groups are examples only. The right is reserved to substitute alternative cars of similar or upgraded type (at no extra cost)
Credit Cards: All major credit cards are accepted.

Printed Terms and Conditions 
1.The renter shall drive the rented vehicle only while qualified to do so under the law and shall, at all times, drive the vehicle in a careful and skillful manner and in accordance with all legal requirements and with the terms and conditions of the Owner's standard policy of insurance.

2.The Renter shall not take the vehicle outside Cyprus and shall keep the same at all times in his possession and custody, and shall not allow any other person to drive it, except with the Owners prior consent.
3.The Renter shall report any accident involving the Vehicle to the Owners as soon as it occurs and to the policy or other proper authority, and shall give all assistance to the Owners and his insurers. The Renter shall not, unless with the written consent of the Owners, give instructions for any repair to the Vehicle or replacement of any of its parts damaged or lost as a result of the accident.
4.The Renter shall be responsible for the first …………..*(excess amount is shown below for each car) Euro of any loss or damage caused or brought about to the Vehicle, either by theft, fire, destruction, or otherwise, whether or not such damage or loss is caused or brought about by his negligence or breach of the Terms and Conditions of Hire, or otherwise, but shall not be responsible for any further loss or damage to the extent to which the Owners ‘ insurers agree to compensate the Owners for the same pursuant to the said policy of insurance. Save as aforesaid, the Renter shall indemnify the Owners against any loss suffered by the Owners (including loss resulting from inability to use the Vehicle or let the same on hire)in consequence of the destruction, loss or theft of or damage to the Vehicle prior to the Vehicle being returned to the Owners. On or prior to the expiration of the period of agreement, the Renter shall return the Vehicle to the Owners in as good order and condition as the Vehicle was when collected by the Renter from the Owners, leaving the Vehicle at the agreed location stated in the Car Rental agreement.
5.The Owner shall not, under any circumstances, be liable to make any payment to the Renter in respect of or to indemnify the Renter against any loss, injuries, death, or damage sustained by the Renter or by any third party as a result of the presence or use of the Vehicle or as a result of any defect therein and in taking delivery of the Vehicle the Renter shall be deemed to have satisfied himself that it is in all respect roadworthy and in a proper and safe condition, being always understood and agreed that the Vehicle is the absolute property of the Owners and the Renter a mere bailee.
6. No relaxation forbearance or indulgence by the Owners in enforcing any of the terms and conditions of this agreement shall prejudice or affect the right and powers of the Owners hereunder nor shall any waiver of any breach operate as a waiver of any subsequent or continuing breach.
7.The said car will be used within the geographical area of Cyprus which is under the full control of the Goverment of the Republic of Cyprus (or the authorities of the British Sovereign Base Areas) and will not be used in areas under the control of the Turkish army or the Turkish-Cypriots. The Renter undertakes personally to indemnify and keep harmless the Owners in case they suffer any loss or damage by reason of the breach of the above undertaking.
8.The expression "the Vehicle" includes all tyres, accessories tools and other items with which it is equipped and the Renter declares that he has inspected them.

*Excess amount per Vehicle model.

Honda Fit,Mazda Demio, Nissan Note, Ford Fiesta,  Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Swift: 900 Euro
Toyota Auris, Chevrolet Cruze, Mazda 3, Kia Ceed:1100 Euro
VW Passatt, Mazda Premacy, Toyota Sienta:1400 Euro
 Honda CRV, Huyndai Tuscon, Nissan Qashqai, Nissan X-Trail: 2500 Euro